Real Thai Terapy

Is a unique effective therapeutic thecnique to treat many kinds of physical ailments.

Perfect For All Levels

Previous experience in massage or therapy recommended by not required.

Thai Massage Courses

Come learn with us!.

Courses in Chang Rai

Inmerse yourself in Thai Culture Meet and work with likeminded people.

Intensive (6 days)

Upcoming course: From 2th to 7th of March.

Have No Limits

course taught in Thai, English and Spanish. Limited Availability!!.


Thai Massage School Chiang Rai Thailand

Thai Massage School Chiang Rai. Thailand

The Thai Massage School was born with the aim of expanding the therapeutic art of Luampo Somboon, a Thai buddhist monk who devoted his life to recovering and developing ancient massage and traditional Thai medicine.

The clinic and school located in Chiang Rai, just 2 hours from Chiang Mai, is dedicated to the practice and teachings of Luampo Somboon.  The Thai Massage School Chiang Rai seeks to pass on his techniques and knowledge throughout Thailand, and offers several times per year, organized courses to include foreign students.

Course Thai Massage School Thailand

Thai Massage Courses in Thailand

In this course you will have the opportunity to access an authentic and original knowledge, where in addition to learning a highly effective therapeutic technique, you can experience a cultural immersion in the authentic Thailand.

You will live and learn with Thais, witness their culture and therapeutic massage.

  • We offer you a different type of education.
  • We offer you learning therapeutic techniques used by the Monks.
  • We offer the wisdom of the therapeutic secrets from the Temples.
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The Thai Massage School

Try a real experience learn with Thais like Thais!

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