Thai Massage Courses Thailand – Teachings Courses – 6 Days Intensive Course

Thai Massage Courses Thailand – During your time in Chiang Rai, you will learn the massage technique developed by Luampo, a technique based on rubbing with both hands and feet, and also with the wooden tool created by Luampo himself. The main goal is to unblock the sen lines or energy channels in order for the body to get back to its original balance. This therapy is used to treat several diseases such as muscular and articular pathologies or problems of neurological, respiratory and digestive nature. As it´s aimed at working through energy, results are achieved at all levels.

It is not an official teaching, but it has been developed according to tradition in temples: from master to student.

It is a highly therapeutic massage which is easy to assimilate as no theory is required for its learning.

One only needs correct supervision or teaching of movement execution and the development of sensibility to be able to perceive the blocks and apply the right technique to work on them.

The practice of this massage is closely related to a meditative attitude. The lessons are implemented by Jhorn and his assistants and translated into English.

The Thai Massage courses Thailand includes: 6 days of intense instruction of massage, one wooden tool created by Luampo, daily pick up and drop off from meeting point in downtown Chiang Rai to school center and a daily after class session at local hot springs near the school (following the monks instruction for correct muscle relief).

Accommodation and meals are not provided in this Thai Massage course. Students are advised to choose accommodation in the area of downtown Chiang Rai according to his or her preference and economic ability. There are many options from hostels to luxury resorts all within walking distance or short tuk-tuk ride to restaurants, shopping and sightseeing places. Students will be transported daily from a central point to the school which is 15 minutes by car outside the city center.
Thai Massage Courses Thailand

Schedule Thai Massage Course Thailand:


09:30 : Pick up in downtown
10:00 : Start morning lesson
12:30 - 13:30 : Lunch break


13:30 Start afternoon lesson
15:30 Coffee/Tea break
16:00 Final daily lesson
18:00 Conclude and go to hot springs
19:00 Transportation provided back to downtown

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Pricing Thai Massage Course Thailand

6 days teaching around 8 hours a day + Hot springs treatment every day after class
+ Daily pick up and drop off to city center + Course materials and one massage stick.

Total price: 25.000 Thai baths (around 760$ or 600€).

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